Friday, September 28, 2012

bailey uses her inside voice

when bailey speaks, we listen... and laugh because it's just too silly. i think she sounds like a toy. daughter #1 says she sounds like a gremlin. i guess she kind of does but bailey is MUCH cuter. what do you think she sounds like?

have a great weekend my friends-

Thursday, September 27, 2012

fun with chihuahuas

aoife: "she ain't heavy, she's my sister."

aoife: "looks like i haz a monkey chihuahua on my back!"

bailey: "if we hold real still and look adorable, we'll get the treat she is taunting us with."

these were taken the same day as my chi's and crackers post. the girls were being such cutie pies, i just kept snapping pictures! thanks for the no hassle photo shoot girls!

until we meet again my friends-

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

chi's and crackers

i had so much fun photographing macaroni and chi's earlier this month, i decided to continue the play on words with chi's and crackers. enjoy.

until we meet again my friends-

Friday, September 21, 2012

sad, sad dog park

we were in san bernardino the other day so i searched my dog park finder app to find us somewhere to take bailey. it searched the area we were in and pulled up wildwood dog park. when we drove up, there was a nice welcome sign greeting us. unfortunately that was the only nice thing about the park.

when we got to the small dog area, there was a really big dog in there and he didn't look very friendly. why was he there when on the other side of the fence is the big dog area? well we weren't going to take our little bailey in with a dog we don't know. the dog's person saw us and didn't even offer to remove her dog to the other side. she just stayed there! so we took bailey to the people side of the park. she was bummed that she had to stay on leash but we had no choice.

on our stroll through the park we saw a woodpecker!

when the woman and her dog finally decided to leave, we were able to enter the small dog area. it was so sad. it was all dirt with just a small patch of lawn under the lonely tree. i don't know why it was so neglected when the large dog area had lots of green lawn to frolic on. hey san bernardino, little dogs wanna have green lawn too!

bailey wasn't very happy there and told us she was hot and wanted to leave. needless to say, we will NOT be returning to wildwood dog park :(

have a great weekend my friends-

Thursday, September 20, 2012

wag delivery

it's not always that easy to get out to buy dog food; especially if your local pet store doesn't even carry your brand. that's our issue, and that's why i like our doggies eat orijen dog food but the big box stores don't carry it and neither does our local independent pet shop. so i just go to and order it. bonus: if i place my order before 4pm, it's delivered the next day! gotta love that.

"for us? what could it be? hurry, open the box!"

"KIBBLE! let's eat."

until we meet again my friends-

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

relaxing in redlands

we went to redlands the other day to check out a coffee shop i've been hearing a lot of good things about. (if you wanna read that adventure, that post is on my coffee blog.) while we were strolling around downtown, bailey found this interesting water receptacle in the wall! i guess it was a built in water bowl, because of the doggie decals on the tile, but it was big enough to bathe her in! she thought it smelled very interesting and spent quite a while taking in the scents.

for a little fun, hubby put her on a big rock and she felt like she was queen of the world!

until we meet again my friends-

Monday, September 17, 2012

mischief monday: tag, you're it!

the girls are at it again. little bailey gets in her moods where she thinks she's bigger than aoife and takes her on without a thought. then she comes to her senses and realizes that she's only 4 pounds, and no match for an 11 pound aoife, so she screams at her to leave her alone. poor aoife; game over.

until we meet again my friends-

Friday, September 14, 2012

diff'rent strokes

who here remembers the tv show "diff'rent strokes" from the 80's? doesn't bailey's expression look like arnold (gary coleman) when he's saying "what'chu talkin' 'bout, willis?" BOL

have a great weekend my friends-

Thursday, September 13, 2012

separation anxiety

do any of your doggies have trouble with separation anxiety? the last time hubby went out, we came back to bailey in a panic that took her 1 1/2 hours to come out of! this is the worst we have ever seen her.

bailey trying to come out of her panic attack

we never leave her totally alone. we only leave her when aoife is here. when hubby & i go out, she is already howling before we've even left the driveway. (actually her howl is more of a piercing scream.) it doesn't even matter if there is a person in the house with her. she would still scream, even when daughter #2 was home with her. i really don't know how to handle it. anyone have any suggestions?

until we meet again my friends-

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

never forget

with crossed paws, we pray for all those who lost their lives on 9/11. we will never forget.

until we meet again my friends-

Monday, September 10, 2012

a trip to the dog park

we surprised bailey with a trip to the dog park and of course she was the tiniest dog there. it was a 90 degree day but since the dog park was in the foothills, we didn't feel the heat at all.

she was a really good girl and wasn't freaked out when the bigger dogs came up to say hello. she spent most of her time there within a few feet of us but she did venture off a few of times.

this girl was very friendly!

we stayed until bailey said she'd had enough, which was about an hour. she was pooped and slept all the way home.

until we meet again my friends-

Sunday, September 9, 2012

national pet memorial day

this is my precious kibbles who we lost to cancer in january of 2010. there isn't a day that goes by where i don't think of her. i have her picture in each room of our house, so she is never out of my sight. the day we lost her, i felt my heart literally break. it ached for her. the pain was like nothing i had ever experienced before. almost 3 years later, i still find myself crying for her and it is even difficult writing this post through the tears. she touched place in my heart no dog had ever reached before. i miss her with all my heart & soul :(

RIP my sweet angel

until we meet again my friends-

Friday, September 7, 2012

macaroni and chi's

need i say more?

i liked the top pic, hubby liked the bottom one, so you get both :)

bailey wanted a solo pic, so i obliged.

have a great weekend my friends-

Thursday, September 6, 2012

rub a dub dub, lizard in a tub

hubby found this little lizard in a storage tub we had in our patio. poor little guy must have fallen in and couldn't get out! of course we had to show bailey before releasing little lizard back into the garden.

disclaimer: little lizard was never in danger of being hurt by bailey. she was looking at it through the clear tub.

until we meet again my friend-

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

smiley face

aoife, my grandDOGter, is so photogenic. she doesn't need to be coaxed, bribed or pleaded with. {are you hearing this bailey?} all you have to say is "aoife look" and she'll look at you with her big hazel eyes & a smile and stay still until you tell her "good girl". if only all dogs {bailey} would be so cooperative :)

until we meet again my friends-

Monday, September 3, 2012

labor day

i hope you are enjoying your labor day as much as the chihuahuas are!

until we meet again my friends-