Friday, March 25, 2016

empty nest

this is the last picture i got of our little hummingbirds in their nest because yesterday they flew away. i can't believe how fast they grew. i could see them growing every day. it was only 2 weeks ago that i posted their birth announcement!

first to leave the nest, baby #1 flew to the beam of our patio roof and just sat there. momma came for a little bit and gave her lunch.

baby #2 flew straight out to our yard, hovered for a bit, then flew up and over our house. her sibling saw her leave and flew right after her.

i'm so glad i was able to watch them fly off but at the same time, i'm kinda sad to see them go. they had become part of our family. because their nest was in a chandelier and not in a tree, we would see them every day from our dining room. i sure am gonna miss them.

when momma bird came back her babies were gone. she went to the beam where baby #1 was sitting, but she was gone. then she went to the nest to look for baby #2, and she was gone too. she went back and forth, looking for her babies. it broke my heart. she came back a few more times looking for them and it was sad for me to watch each time.
good-bye little birdies. don't forget there is always a full feeder on my patio if you want a free meal.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Precious to see the little family
    Lily & Edward

  2. I know it's sad when the birds fly away. We had that experience once with doves. Mommy bird will find or already has found her babies out there somewhere.

  3. So sweet! I'm sure they'll be back to enjoy the buffet at your house!!

  4. oh I have tears in my eyes! There is a good chance they will be back next year. I had mourning doves that came back every year and built a nest in my planter, until I got rid of the planter. This year, we had a bird's nest that was built on the ladder on our balcony. I didn't even notice it til the birds were born and left!!! I had always heard birds but thought they had a nest on the roof, I thought wrong! DakotasDen

  5. Oh, it's always sad when they leave!!! Butts, they always leave LOTS behind..if you knows what I mean! BOL!!!! We have a nest that hummers have been building up for the last six years, butts it got too tall, and now there is not enough head room, so they aren't interested this year...time to take it down so maybe they can start a new one. AND, so Ma can clean off all the burdie poops they left behind! BOL!
    Loves watchin' the hummers grow!
    Ruby ♥