Friday, December 20, 2013

flashback friday 2012: pink christmas stocking

these pictures are from last year but they are so cute, i thought i'd reshare them. (is reshare a word?) well, truth be told, it's really because daughter #2 arrived yesterday from new york and i didn't have time to take any new pics. BOL

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Totally LOVE it ~ on a pink stocking no less ...perfect !

  2. I am new to the blog, so I enjoy the pictures.

  3. She is very good at posing for photos, isn't she. There is only Dip in our family who doesn't turn around/run off/pull faces/look scared stiff!
    Lynne x

  4. I remember but I love PINK so don't mind at all. Always darling as ever. Big hi and hug to dgt. #2 can't wait to see her.

  5. When you are done lying on the soft comfy stocking, pass it on over. I love lying on things like that too!


  6. Judy....
    Happy Solstice!! ;)
    Reshare. I do not think so. But you can create a new word!! That drives Dad crazy.... And he is already crazy!! Hee, hee, hee.... ;-D
    Enjoy your visit with Daughter number two!! ;op
    --Raelyn and Rose