Thursday, December 19, 2013

christmas shopping

i needed a new casserole dish for the holidays so off to marshall's we go.
ooh, but first i have to see what's new in the christmas section. it looks like they are having a blue christmas.

bailey loves coming here because she always ends up with a new yummy.

then she has to check out the toy department to see if there's anything she just can't live without. BOL

"can i get a new toy mommy?"

(crossbody sling available at kibblesplace.)

are y'all done with your christmas shopping? you've got less than a week left!

until we meet again my friends, happy shopping!


  1. Oh Gabby would be out of her carrier bag and into those toys in a wink of the eye ! Bailey you are such a good girl :))

  2. Those toys sure do look like fun! We hope you get your package soon, we sent it almost a week ago so hopefully it arrives!

  3. This stuff always makes me laugh as we are 26, 30 and 80 lb dogs and Mom envisions us in a huge bag around her neck trying to shop with us. Even as puppies we were 5-15 pounds when she got us. There is an advantage to being so small.

  4. I think she wants all of them :)
    I love your sling - Dip would totally adore being toted around like a queen in one of those.
    Lynne x

  5. Oh I love your sling too, but my mom says that I'm to heavy BoL.

  6. I don't think I would be happy having to stay in the pouch the whole time. However, if I ended up with treats and toys, then maybe I would be as good as Bailey!

  7. Bailey, you look so nice and comfy in your bag with your daddy. I bet you did get a new toy, why wait till Christmas.

  8. No wonder Bailey wants a toy, they are all her size. What fun for her, and Mommy as well, I'm sure

  9. Did you slip anything into your bag?

  10. OMD, Bailey, I wish I was small enough to fit into one of those sling thingies! It looks like soooo much fun! I bets you gets to go all kinds of places a big 60lb hyperass terrier like Moi couldn't go!! Oh, I'm all kinds of jealous!!
    Okays, those treaties and toys looked amazin'....what did you get?? Now I knows you got something, cause who could refuse a face like THAT!
    Ruby ♥

  11. I hope you got lots of goodies...I saw a lot of goodies I'd like too!