Monday, January 26, 2015

bonkers for blueberry bagels

bailey goes bonkers for blueberry bagels. check out her intense stare. it's as if she was willing it to magically fly into her mouth.

then her request for a taste ...

turned into an all out plea! i really wish i had video'd her. she was creating such a ruckus. we were afraid she was going to injure herself!

finally she tries the sweet and adorable approach.
of course i ended up sharing my bagel with her. there was no way i could resist her.

thanks to alfie's blog, my brown newfies & snoopy's dog blog for hosting monday mischief blog hop.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. No one could resist that gorgeous display. Great job Bailey, glad you got to share!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Even more funny is how huge a bagel looks next to her! Wow!

  3. those eyes get you every time and the doggies know how to use them when they want something

  4. OMD.....Bailey, that bagel looks bigger than you!


  5. Work it, Bailey! No one could resist you!

  6. Oh Bailey! Bet that face gets you anything you want.
    Lily & Edward

  7. As I read this, I couldn't wait to get to the end, so curious as to whether or not you gave in. Cute photos.

  8. Bailey is adorable! I read back through your posts about her accident - it is a miracle she has not only survived but thrived! She has blossomed well under your care!

  9. Don't blame you Bailey, it does look yummy.