Friday, January 9, 2015

it's inauguration day, tra la la

bailey is proud to be a member of the blogville choir.

she composed this aria last year and would like to sing it to the newly inaugurated mayors, murphy and stanley, as well as the entire newly appointed cabinet of blogville.

after the festivities, there is a sleepover at dory's but since bailey's accident, she hasn't been out much. she is sorry that she couldn't be there in furson, but she will be there in spirit.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. that was some excellent singing

  2. I was soooo impressed Bailey, I just had to join in!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. well, that's what I call very good music! Bailey your voice is like candy in my ears, what a fabulous song!
    Easy Rider

  4. OMD.....Bailey......That's da best song ever. My whole pack herd you singing and we ALL joined in.

  5. Bravo! Bravo, Bailey! That was a beautiful aria! I just know our new Mayors will love it!

  6. You have a lovely singing voice, Bailey!

  7. BOL, ROTFL........ Bravo! Bravo!
    Is dat from a Chinese Opera?

  8. She will make it next time. We know she is going to make a full and complete recovery!

  9. Wow Bailey, didn't know you were so talented. Your voice is in perfect pitch. Congratulations my dear, will you be appearing anywhere in the future? If not hope you will sing for us again sometime.

  10. Oh my dawg Bailey! Why are you singing opera? You broke my glass with that high pitched voice
    Lily & Edward

  11. Goodness Bailey, that's one impressive range you have! Seth tried to join in, but he was starstruck!

    Braeden, Seth and Riley

  12. Bailey, you have one wonderful voice! I looked and looked for you but couldn't find you at my house. Momma finally explained to me that you were in the computer singing!

  13. OMD!!! Bailey, your voice is just FABulouso!!! I thinks you had the bestest voice in the WHOLE Choir!!! Maybe Director Susie will give you a solo at our next performance!!
    You keep gettin' betters so you can dance at the...ooops, can't leak that yet....☺
    Ruby ♥