Friday, February 3, 2012

scary kibble

bailey is a pretty good eater and usually finishes her plate of food, veggies and all! her only problem is the kibble. in the first place they are too big for her, so we end up breaking each one of them in half. then when she does bite them, the breaking sound in her mouth scares her. it scares her so much that she actually jumps! i wonder if any other small dog owners have this problem.

is it lunchtime?


  1. hahaa.. that's really cute! LOL I feed wysong epigen and its small enough for even the pups. Of course they crunch, munch, and snack with now worries of all the racket their kibbies make! LOL

  2. I have very picky taste when it comes to my kibbles and snacks, but the crunch does not bother me!! I actually smack very loudly as well!! I think the bigger and louder the crunch, the better!! BOL!!

    I hope that it gets better or the new kibble will be quieter for you!


  3. I have trouble eating a lot of kibble because my mouth is so tiny. I don't mind the crunch. Mom use to put mine in the food processor and grind it down for me but now she has found I can eat Iams Small Dog easily.