Tuesday, February 28, 2012

world spay day 2012

bailey wants to remind everyone that today is world spay day. aside from preventing unwanted litters, spaying/neutering could save their life, as in bailey's case. she could be the poster girl for spay day. unbeknownst to us, her uterus and ovaries were inflamed and diseased. if we hadn't spayed her when we did, she would have died. please spay & neuter your pets, it could save their lives.

"beat the heat"

bailey after her surgery 31 jan 2011


  1. I agree! My sister Maggie had the same thing that you did and almost didn't make it! BTW, you look so cute in your cone! ;)


    1. when doc took all the bad stuff outta me, i felt like i was reborn. i had no more ouchies & i actually felt happy (a feeling i hadn't felt in quite a while). my humans are the best. they saved my life!
      xoxo, bailey