Tuesday, October 30, 2018

shiver me timbers

don’t have a halloween costume? not to worry. there are lots of apps that can add stickers to your pictures. voilà. instant costume.

until we meet again mateys-


  1. Wow, it actually looks real! Too cute :)

  2. Your stickers look so genuine! For a minute I thought you'd been carousing with the Captain, Bailey :D
    I haven't been able to use those stickers for a long time (on Safari). Maybe I'll try and see if the latest update fixed it.

  3. OMG Bailey, you look like a real pirate. You shocked me when I first saw this. You look MARVELOUS! Happy Halloween.

  4. Bailey, you look so wonderful. You look like a real pirate. it's great that pet owners can use apps to make their little one have a costume on for Halloween. Some don't like to wear there costumes and this will be perfect for them. Thanks for sharing the great photo. Have a fun day.
    World of Animals