Wednesday, August 29, 2018

disaster averted #WildlifeWednesday

so this happened yesterday:
mr happy-go-lucky squirrel was running up the power pole, oblivious to any dangers that may be in his path.

meanwhile, sitting atop the pole, watching every move he made, was a red-tailed hawk. i call him ethan. ethan hawk. BOL

when mr squirrel had nearly reached the top, ethan was not feeling as carefree as mr squirrel and he let mr squirrel know the top of the pole was his domain and he was in no mood to share it.

as i watched with bated breath, (i absolutely did not want to be witness to ethan having squirrel for breakfast) mr squirrel froze for a moment at the sight of ethan, then made a quick 180,

and scurried back down the pole, with ethan still watching his every move. disaster averted. whew!

until we meet again my friends-


  1. oh I just HATE Hawks. I see them here occasionally and they make me extremely nervous! So happy the squirrel is ok!

  2. I do not like haws either. Thank goodness squirrel was safe, whew! Close call.

  3. OMG, the EXAXT same thing happened in front of my house a few weeks ago! How weird it that? But there were three squirrels. And then the hawk swooped down to the ground and stalked one of them that ran under my car - he was following him stealthily around the tires as the squirrel quietly would hide on the other sides. Never saw him get a squirrel, but it was fascinating. I watched for about 20 minutes...