Wednesday, July 11, 2018

bye bye birdie #WildlifeWednesday

a few days ago i found this beautiful little house finch in my backyard, sitting just as you see her here. she didn’t fly away when i approached her and when i took a closer look at her, she didn’t look well to me.

i offered my hand and i had a snow white moment when she jumped up on me.

i could tell by her demeanor that she wouldn’t be with us much longer and my heart broke for her. an hour later i found her laying on her side laboring to breathe and the next time i checked on her, she was gone.

she had really tugged at my heartstrings so i wasn’t about to just throw her in the garbage bin like trash. i wrapped her in a hankie and we laid her to rest under our rose tree.

rest in peace little one.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Oh no, how sad! You wonder what her story was :( My cat killed a baby rabbit the other day, and I buried it, too. So sad...

  2. RIP, tiny birdie! So glad you found such kindness at the end of your little life.

    Love and licks,

  3. Very sad story, especially when you are a bird lover. But so glad you gave her a little burial and that is why she came here, she scented your loving heart.

  4. I like to think that she came to you for company in her last hour. Everybody and everything needs love especially when we are vulnerable.

  5. poor dear, gone to birdie heaven