Thursday, July 14, 2016

a visit to the vet because of natural balance

in may, we reviewed natural balance limited ingredient white fish & sweet potato formula grain-free wet dog food. my concern with the product was the amount of fish bones that we found in the food. when i called natural balance to tell them about it, they apologized and sent me a coupon for a free package of treats. they were supposed to get back to me after their investigation but it's been 2 months and i haven't heard a thing from them.
but i digress. the point of this post is to discuss the aftermath of that product review.

a couple of weeks after our review, bailey started drooling, a lot. it would bubble, and it would drip. it got so bad that i made a vet appointment to see what was up.

doc felt that she had eaten something that injured her throat. he asked if she might have eaten something she shouldn't have or if i had changed her diet lately. when i told him about all the bones i had found in natural balance limited ingredient white fish & sweet potato formula grain-free wet dog food, he knew that had to be the cause of the damage to her throat. he said the abrasions got infected and the bacteria caused the drooling. he sent us home with an antibiotic and a pain killer because he said she was probably in quite a bit of pain, though she never did complain.

i feel terrible that i didn't notice the bones in the first tub of food but i didn't know i was supposed to look for bones. i thought quality control had that covered. who knows how many bones passed through her delicate little throat, cutting and scraping it as she swallowed. my poor little baby girl.

here is a reminder of the bones i found in one 2.75 ounce tub of natural balance limited ingredient white fish & sweet potato formula grain-free wet dog food! if you purchase this food for your furbaby, please inspect it carefully. i wouldn't want your baby to end up at the vet too.

thankfully the infection cleared up and the drooling has stopped. however, the trust i had in natural balance is gone. i will not be purchasing, or reviewing, any more of their products.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. that is terrible - we are sure glad little Bailey made a complete recovery and we agree - stay well of their food

  2. Why not write the company and tell them of all of this and exactly what the vet had to say. That is terrible, poor little baby Bailey, glad she is doing well now.

  3. Poor, sweet Bailey!! Having gone through so much in her little life to have to go through all of that! I'm glad she's better now!!

  4. Hope you are suing. Ever since the company was bought by someone else the product when downhill
    Lily & Edward

  5. I won't touch Natural Balance with a 10ft pole. I'd definitely contact them about it! Post it on their Facebook, your Facebook, instagram, twitter, all of it. Blow it out of the water.