Thursday, May 15, 2014

a day at the beach

northern san diego county was pounded with brush fires yesterday forcing thousands to be evacuated from their schools, homes and workplaces. since daughter #1 just moved down to carlsbad, this is not the news i want to hear about. the fires are so close to her, her place of employment was one of the locations that had to be evacuated! when we talked yesterday, she said that she went straight home, got aoife and hit the beach to stay out of harms way. she was able to sleep at her apartment last night but told me that she had an evacuation bag by her bed, just in case.

i pray for the firefighters that have to battle these fires; i pray for the people that have lost their homes; and i pray that everyone stay safe.

UPDATE 9.30am: reports are saying the carlsbad fire is now 60% contained.

until we meet again my friends, stay safe-


  1. Prayers that all stay safe and sound as the fires rage. Hopefully rain will come soon and help battle them back.

  2. It is so scary. Glad she is safe. We are nearby but no ashes blowing this way yet
    Lily & Edward

  3. Oh that is good news indeed, 60% contained. I also pray for everyone in the San Diego, Carlsbad areas and the firemen. May they all be safe. Eef looks so cute at the beach.

  4. We heard about the fires but also that they seem to be under control finally. So sad.

  5. As long as the fires are inland the coast is certainly a safe place to be. Stay safe, Our prayers are with you

  6. Oh, those fires are just scary!! I'm so glads your sissy is safe! I hopes everyone stays safe and everyone helps eachother.
    Oh, and that is a most lovely beach shot!
    Ruby ♥