Thursday, October 31, 2013

trick or treat!

this is our 3rd halloween with bailey as a part of our family and this is the first year i actually bought her a costume. when i found a tiny ladybug costume, at tuesday morning of all places, well, how could i resist?

do you dress your pooch? do they mind? bailey didn't mind the costume because she's always dressed anyway. to her it was just another outfit. the antenna, however, was another story. ya, she wasn't very happy about having to wear it. it was on the floor more than it was on her head! BOL

bailey is very limited on her tricks but she gets treats anyway :)

until we meet again my friends - stay safe & have a happy halloween!


  1. Bailey is as cute - NO CUTER - than a bug!!! Love her costume. I do partake of costumes as well. I don't mind them - even hats. I attempt to shake them off now and then, though.
    Those are yummy treats. We especially are fond of the fruitables.
    Love Noodles

  2. Like Bailey, Sophia loves her dresses. But, I found some cute butterfly wings on sale at PetSmart and they did not go over. She spent the whole time rubbing against the sofa trying to get them off. They are now put away. I love the lady bug. Occasionally, I find some things as Tuesday Morning . That was a good Fine!

  3. You are a cute little bug Bailey, love your outfit.
    Those biscuits look horrifyingly good!
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  4. You look too adorable, Bailey! Sookie doesn't mind her Halloween shirt, but she isn't too fond of her devil costume!

    Have a pawesome Halloween. xx

  5. That costume is perfect. I dressed Miss Daisy up her first year with us. She was a bumble bee and I made the costume for her. No time to sew anymore been real busy with the bakery.

  6. You are a cute 'lil lady bug!

    We have lots of costumes ... our mama is just a little crazy but we love her anyway! BOL

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  7. We love Buddy Biscuits too. Some years we dress up, but not this year.

  8. I squeed so hard I almost pee'd m'self. Too cute, Bay! I wish my Bug would let me dress her up. She HATES wearing clothes, collars, leashes, etc. But she loves loves loves her blankets.

  9. Very cute - as cute as a button - love it!

  10. OMG sweet Bailey, you are so very cute. I like ladybugs in my garden and you can come to my garden anytime.