Monday, July 1, 2013

mischief in a construction zone

we are doing some work in our yard and bailey, our little supervisor, is taking her job very seriously. while she was making sure everything was up to code, she noticed someone that had not been cleared to be on the job site...

this little guy. good work bailey! hubby removed him from the job site and safely relocated him to another part of the yard.

she saw a few more lizards on the other side of the fence and started digging to scare them away. she knew it was dangerous for them to be near the construction area and didn't want them to get hurt.

she looks pleased with herself, doesn't she?

she then ventured off to survey the dig. be careful bailey! don't fall in.

"all that digging and not a bone to be found?! tsk tsk."

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until we meet again my friends-


  1. Are you sure she's not looking for more lizards? ;-) So cute!

  2. That is a huge hole and to not have a bone in it seems not right some how.

  3. Wow, no bones at all? I wonder if there was one waiting for you inside??

  4. No bones?! What a waste of time! :(

  5. Bailey you did a fabulous job!! You SHOULD be proud!

  6. Well that's no fun, finding only lizards and no bones.

  7. A job well done Bailey! You saved a life
    Benny & Lily

  8. BOL, no bones! You are a marvellous little snoopervisor Bailey and we are sure those lizards will appreciate your help.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  9. Is this to be a pond, a pool, or just digging to China? Ms Bailey is such a character.

    1. that is still under debate. the dig was to clear out old roots and junk so it'll be ready for whatever we decide to do there. any suggestions? it's a 15' triangle.

  10. Was Bailey able to help in the excavation? Gizmo loves chasing lizards...maybe you could get this one a teeny tiny lizard hardhat ;)

  11. Good job on saving those baby lizards. Those things are so cute!

  12. Good job snoopervising, Bailey! I'm glad you found those lizards. You certainly saved them from a dangerous situation.


  13. Bailey how nice that you saved those lizards :) Good job!