Friday, July 19, 2013

car safety

restraining a dog in a car didn't used to be a big thing. back in the 70's i remember driving around with rocky, our poodle, sitting on the rear dash of our camaro. people rarely buckled up back then, much less a dog.

my how the times have changed! nowadays, pet safety is just as important as people safety. i have 2 car seats in my car at all times; one for bailey, and even though aoife does not live with us full time, we have another seat for her, and they get buckled up on every trip. it doesn't matter if we are going 1 mile to the local dog park or on a road trip to san francisco; they are always buckled up.

not only do the car seats keep the doggies restrained and out of harms way, but they also lift them up so they can look out the window! this is very important to aoife, as she LOVES to bark at everyone she sees. BOL

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until we meet again my friends, stay safe-


  1. We are so jellies of your super-duper car seats! We have straps that clip our harnesses into the seatbelt slot but we can't see out of the window.
    Dip Bridge and Elliot x

  2. Looks like the two of them are ready to roll in style as well safety.

  3. Cool seats! We haven't found a car seat or harness for Toby. He can see out by himself and loves to let the breeze flap his ears. Actually I have been thinking about getting him a contraption for buckling up. It went on the back burner because of the heat, he's rarely in the car in this weather.

  4. Very stylish seats!! Where were you guys going??

  5. I have a carseat too! It's a Snoozer Pet Lookout. I love it because I can see out the window and there's room to relax. Plus I'm buckled up, of course.


  6. Safe as well as comfy,you can't get better than that

  7. Judy and Bailey....
    I have never heard of dog car seats before!! See, I do not drive, so whenever we go anywhere with Rose, I hold onto her red harness. She is always closely watched and safe!! ;op
    Love, Raelyn.... Plus Rose, my BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE "Mystery Dog"!!

  8. Sounds like a great way to keep pets safe!