Friday, August 10, 2012

road trip!

favorite part of a road trip? coming home!
bol, i'm already talking about coming home and we haven't even left yet. (but coming home is always my favorite part of any trip). however during the trip, the change of scenery is lovely. getting out of the house and seeing new sights is priceless. also priceless is the one on one time spent in the car with hubby (& bailey). bailey has turned out to be quite a good traveler. my precious kibbles (may she RIP) was a lousy traveler. she would never sleep; she wouldn't even lay down! she would stay awake and in the sitting position the entire trip. not little bailey! she'll spin circles until her car seat is just right and she'll fall asleep until the car stops. no car sickness, no whining. did we end up with the perfect traveling dog? why yes we did :)

have a great weekend my friends!

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  1. That is funny and true. The comfort of our house is priceless
    Benny & Lily