Thursday, August 2, 2012

fab shipment

i love it when the ups man comes to my door. he always brings me such nice things.

this time he brought me this adorable umbrella with, of course, chihuahuas! now i just need a rainy day.

it's another great deal i found at if you aren't on their mailing list, you're missing some pretty good bargains. btw, every thursday at 7pm est, they open the pet shop where all the sales they offer are pet related. hey that's today. go check them out!

until we meet again my friends.


  1. I'm totally flipping out over the umbrella!!!

    Pawty time at my blog!!!

  2. How cute is that!!! I need one!

    xoxo Higgy

  3. Fab has the coolest stuff
    Benny & Lily

  4. Awesome to know! That umbrella practically invites rain it's so cute!

    Sending see beautiful thoughts your way!

  5. The umbrella is cute, but your Chihuahua is cuter! I have a dog too, a Japanese Spitz, and like you, I keep on buying stuff for her as well. I don’t like the idea of bringing an umbrella even though it’s the rainy season, but if this is my umbrella, then I’ll be more than willing to bring it every day.

    -Valentina Moors