Friday, July 27, 2012

pick up the poop!

one of my biggest pet peeves is people that do not pick up after their dogs. i'm sure the city spent a pretty penny putting these signs all over the park and keeping the bags supplied. are people illiterate? if they can't read, there is a picture. if they don't understand the picture, there are bags falling out of the dispenser. clearly they must know what the bags are for. come on people, grab a bag when you pass the sign, that way you'll have it when you need it. our city parks are for everyones enjoyment, they are not a public restroom for your dog.
thanks for letting me vent :)

have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Don't worry about letting off steam. I had the same moan on my blog a while ago.

    If you don't want to pick up the poop don't own a dog. We've got the same problem in the UK they spend money on signs but don't enforce it, so people ignore the signs knowing there not going to get fined.

    Than the local councill came up with the bright idea to stop dogs from the local parks all that resulted in was the responsible owners didn't use the park but the illiterate irresponsile ones caried on as normal.

    As you can tell it's one of my pet hates also. These idiots give dog owners a bad name.

    And i get asked why i prefer dogs to humans it's because dogs are more inteligent than a lot of humans.

    Sorry about ranting on your blog.


  2. I completely understand. I had to clean poop out of my flip flop this summer already so you can imagine where else it went. Just disgusting!! Have a good poop-free weekend!

  3. apparently a lot of people think its going to miraculously disappear. Mom handed someone a plastic bag once. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  4. We have the same issue in my HOA community. They spent money to put up signs...what a waste. Those people know what they are doing and a sign isn't going to change it. One of my neighbors will chase them down and tell them to come back and clean it up. Too funny. When I see it happen, I pull out one of Kelsey's bags and hand it to them without saying anything.

  5. There are leashes that are made to help people be more responsible pet parents. I found nice ones at Their leashes all have lights to see poop at night and clips so you don't hold the bag.