Thursday, July 26, 2012

lizard in da the house!

as i was walking through my dining room yesterday, i noticed something on the floor. i took a closer look and OMG it was a baby lizard! ok, now what do i do. panic? scream? i grabbed bailey's blankie and tossed it over the lizard while i got my head together.

bailey is posing with the supplies needed to capture a lizard without harming it. items needed: blankie, plastic tub, legal pad, stiff placemat

i ran to get a plastic tub. i peeled back the blankie and caught him with the tub. i then got a legal pad for the cardboard backing. i slid the cardboard under the tub, being careful not to lift the tub too much and being careful not to injure the poor baby. ok, done, but turns out the legal pad wasn't rigid enough, so i slid a cork placemat under that. ok, now i can lift the placemat and i won't lose the lizard. i took him outside, uncapped him and he scurried off to the lawn. whew, what an exciting day!
what's the strangest thing you've ever found in your house?

until we meet again my friends.


  1. Oh wow! The excitement! Once when I lived in AZ a gecko crawled into my house and I couldn't do anything. I stared it at for hours and then it scuttled away. I didn't sleep for days! You are very brave!!

  2. Lizards are very entertaining for pups!

  3. That is exciting! Good for you helping it to find it's way back outside. I guess the strangest thing was a stray dog. Yep he must have jumped over my fence and walked right into the house.

  4. we think they taste like chicken
    Benny & Lily

  5. Glad you helped the little lizard find its way back to the great outdoors!

  6. I think geckos are the strangest thing i have found in our house, they would scare me when i would pour cereal and a live one would come running out. but, i think they are sooo adorable!