Monday, February 20, 2012

zuke's z-bones

here is an example of what we have to do so bailey can enjoy a bone, like a somewhat normal dog. she loves zuke's clean carrot crunch z-bones. i buy the mini, which is made for 5-25 pound dogs, but my 4 pound bailey doesn't have the jaw strength to eat it on her own, so...

i cut it up for her. this makes her a very happy little doggie :)


  1. i've seen these at the store, are they very tough? because if they are, i'd think i would get them for mine. yuki is small but she's a very powerful chewer, so anything that helps with that is great.

    1. bailey has trouble eating kibble, so don't judge by her :) but i can cut it up with a large pair of scissors without too much effort. my daughter's 10# chihuahua can eat this size in about 3 bites. yuki would probably have more of a challenge with the regular size (made for 25-60 lb dogs).