Wednesday, February 24, 2021


bailey is doing better. her eye has improved a little with the eye drops doc gave her. she still walks into things here and there but then she does walk with her nose to the ground. maybe if she'd hold her head up as she walks she could see things before bumping into them! i'm always telling her to lift her head up but she doesn't listen. what's a mother to do? BOL 

on our follow-up vet visit, doc gave her 2 more prescriptions and wants to see her again friday. 

until we meet again my friends,


  1. Awww...I hope you get better soon, Bailey! Please do what the doctor says. Alana

  2. I hope the new meds kick in and work to clear up that eye. You're so precious.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. My best to your attentive peeps. ♥

  3. Best wishes for your eye sweet Bailey.

  4. Prayers for your eye to get better and for general health too. Love seeing you every day.

  5. We are SO glad Baily is getting better. Purrs little one

  6. Hi Bailey, I'm Dori. *wavy paws* I'm sorry to hear yoo've been feeling poorly. I've been on Clavamox too because I have respurratory issues. My medicine comes in pill form that Momma hides in my noms, except I know they're there and I leave them behind...and then Momma grabs me and shoves the melty pill into my mouf. And that really tastes bad. Hm. Maybe I need to eat them pills with my noms. Anyway! I'm adding yoo to my healing purrs list. Brace yoorself. They're pawerful! Love, Dori

  7. Oh gurl, I gots my paws crossed real tight for you! I am glads your eye is gettin' better, and I will send good vibes for a good vettie report Friday!
    Ruby ♥