Friday, November 16, 2018

two good, one not so good

firstly, bailey is doing pretty well. the antibiotics really did their job! her eye is back to it’s normal marble self.

secondly, the new medication for her seizures is also doing very well. i can count on one hand how many seizures she’s had since the change.

thirdly, the only problem we are having is her new diet. we are having trouble finding new foods that bailey likes and that agree with her tummy (she’s thrown up twice this week.) she’s not too fond of the vegetarian kibble or the canned food so i am looking for other options.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Well you are doing very good Bailey. Now if only mommy can find the food that agrees with you everything will be perfect.

  2. Your eye looks great, B. I hope your mom finds something delicious for you to eat. I like to eat. Once I tried to eat a cigarette butt I found on the ground. I am naughty that way.

    Love and licks,