Thursday, August 16, 2018

the butcher, the baker, the cappuccino maker

this past weekend, we had brunch at the very dog-friendly BBCM (on sunset blvd in west hollywood) and bailey was the perfect little patron. actually, she is always on her best behavior when we go out to eat.

she sat calmly and quietly while we enjoyed our delicious meal and our flight of mimosas!

it’s exhausting being such a good girl.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Last image.....too much to drink? stick to water(lol)

  2. Ooooooooooo!!!!! I wants to go!!! What? crap. Ma said I don't have good enough manners. pshaw! So I act up A LITTLE after a few
    Ruby ♥

  3. Oh I know it's difficult on a little princess like you.