Monday, May 21, 2018

more babies

3 years ago mockingbirds built a nest in my orange tree and we had two sets of babies. earlier this month, i noticed mockingbirds returning to my orange tree with twigs in their beaks. could they be building another nest?

all about birds says “mockingbirds rarely ever reuse their nests,” so imagine my surprise when i peaked into my orange tree and saw that they didn’t build a new nest, they just remodeled the old one!

feeding their little babies is a full time job!

i finally got a glimpse of the babies yesterday. i don’t want the parents to think i’m going to harm their babies so i time my snooping in between their feedings.

oops, the baby heard me rustle the leaves so he thinks his parents are here to feed him. sorry little baby, it’s just me.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Isn’t spring wonderful! I found a nest in one of my flower pots. I won’t be watering that one.

  2. just darling!! We have birds that built a nest behind a ladder we have hanging on the wall of our balcony...the first time they used it twice, then they took it apart for this year, re-built it in the same spot and are using it again! Your photos are fabulous!

  3. I love it, baby is so sweet and cute.

  4. great timing keep an eye on those little guys, now you have another family to care for (sparrows and hummers) you're a good mommy to all