Thursday, May 31, 2018


i have a little area in my backyard where i feed the wild birds. i give them seed, fresh fruit and of course water. we get dozens of birds every day. so where are the birds you ask? well, see the white arrows in these pix?

SQUIRREL! caught in the act. you can enlarge the pix to get a good look at him, if you’d like. he scares the birds away and eats their food! i can’t keep him out because he dug a hole that goes under our fence to the property behind ours. we’ve filled his hole with gravel, dirt, rocks, it doesn’t matter what we fill it with, he always manages to find a way through, under or around it.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Too bad about this darn squirrel, but he also has to eat and most likely feed young ones. Perhaps you need a squirrel corner just for him or her.

  2. Uhg, they are the worst! I just want to feed the birds, "sigh". They also dig around in all of my potted plants...