Tuesday, October 31, 2017

product review: merrick seasonals howl o’ ween stew #ChewyInfluencer

"look at the big box that came from chewy!"

"looks like it's time for a product review"

since it's halloween, it seemed only fitting that we review merrick seasonals howl o’ ween stew. and since aoife is here, she will be adding her two cents as well.

it's a howl o'ween stew but there is nothing scary about it. it's made with de-boned chicken, chicken broth, chicken liver, fresh peas, sweet potatoes and, wait for it, pumpkin!

"give it to me already!"

aoife likes it because it's an all-natural, grain-free recipe. and because it contains no wheat, corn or soy, it’s easy to digest. another plus is that it's made right her in the usa with locally sourced ingredients!

"it's mmm mmm, good"

bailey and aoife both award merrick seasonals howl o’ ween stew our pink paw seal of approval.

disclaimer: i received this product free of charge from chewy.com in exchange for my honest review. thanks chewy!

until we meet again my friends-