Tuesday, August 15, 2017

crate training

i have started crate training bailey because the venue daughter #2 chose for her wedding & reception is not dog friendly. how dare they! she can be there for the wedding but she is not able to stay for the reception. go figure. because i cannot leave her home alone, no way, no how, we bought a crate to take to the venue. they said she has to stay upstairs, in the bridal suite, crated, during the reception. yikes! (daughter #1's wedding was totally dog friendly. just sayin'. shout out to la valencia hotel.)

we've had bailey almost 7 years and we've never had the need to have her crated, so this is new for all of us. she is ok for a few minutes but then she wants out. and will be quite vocal about it. we have fed her her meals in there, making it a yummy place. we've also left the door open so she can wander in and out, but she's never wandered in on her own. any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. the wedding is in 8 months.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. We are in the same position. Our little dog Dudi has to be in a crate for a few hours every day when we next month are going to Iceland. She will be taken care of by my daughter at the time,but because Dudi like to mess things up, it is nessecary to put her in a crate while my daughter is on job. Er are starting to crate train her next week when we'll be home from vacation.

  2. We put peanut butter and mozzarella sticks in marrow bones for the dogs. You might be able to put peanut butter in a kong for Bailey, our dogs destroy kongs in minutes.

  3. We will send you a nail file to escape
    Lily & Edward

  4. Lotsa treats when you put her in will help. And maybe a favorite toy or blanket.

  5. Oh gurl! JAIL!!!! BOL! Just kiddin'! I came crate trained (yes, we had a pawsome breeder!), so i have always felt comfy in my crate, butts I have never really been closed up in it since I was a wee lass, so I can't promise I wouldn't act like you gurl! ☺
    It sounds like you are doing it right ~ start with five minute intervals, with the yummiest treaties inside. Be right there next to the crate. slowly work up to a long time, then leave the room for a minute at a time, then longer (you gets the idea...) And, if she starts to whine, let her out. This might sound counter productive, butts the less stress, the better. You don't want her to associate the crate with stress. You are super duper smart to get such a FABulous crate, and starting early. I thinks you can do it! It's just gonna take everyday, and lots and lots of patience and ear plugs. hehehe Oh, and leaving the crate open, and feeding her in it is a pawsome idea too.
    I gots my paws crossed for you guys! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  6. Well I still think it won't be easy for Bailey, a crate is just not her style