Tuesday, July 25, 2017

product review: nutro kitchen classics #ChewyInfluencer

did you see our instagram post today? if you were wondering who was hiding behind those blue chewy glasses, it was aoife! BOL

this month was double fun because we have double dogs tasting and reviewing double flavors! (supplied by our good friends at chewy.com of course.)

this month we are reviewing nutro kitchen classics premium loaf variety pack: grass fed lamb & brown rice dinner AND slow cooked chicken, rice & oatmeal dinner canned dog food. the case comes with 6 cans, 3 of each flavor. if your pup likes variety, this is what they've been craving.

bailey is trying the chicken dinner.


next was aoife's turn. she's getting the lamb. oh, the anticipation!

ok eef. give it a taste.

"nom nom"

they're a hit!
these foods are perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs (like aoife). with limited ingredients, it reduces the chances of food sensitivity and helps make digestion easier. they are made in the usa and are free of GMOs, corn, wheat & soy, artificial colors, flavors, & preservatives.

note: the picture shown on the chewy website is not accurate. this is a loaf style dinner, not a chunks with gravy style, as they show it to be.

both girls loved both flavors and award both recipes bailey's pink paw seal of approval (one paw for each flavor)

disclaimer: i received these goodies free of charge from chewy.com in exchange for my honest review.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. The new food looks so yummy. The blue glasses are so perfect for you Aoife, just the right size for you.