Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of july

there are a couple of days each year, that we dread. new year's eve is one and the 4th of july is the other. fireworks put bailey into a full blown panic.

we took her out for a couple of long walks over the weekend and will go out again today. [well before the fireworks of course]. we are hoping she will be too tired to be bothered with the fireworks and just sleep through them. we also have a thundershirt that we may try.

how does your fur-baby handle fireworks (or thunderstorms)? have you tried the thundershirt or products like rescue remedy?

until we meet again my friends, stay safe-


  1. We understand - thankfully Reilly isn't bothered by fireworks and although it make Denny a little nervous he wasn't to bad - but last year when we moved here to Florida they both got upset simply because there are so many and they are sooooo loud and they seems to set off for a whole week and not just on the 4th. We did the same thing - took the boys for a walk today to tire them out :) Maybe they need to make doggie earplugs

  2. I just crank the TV up REALLY, REALLY loud, it helps a bit, but not completely. At least Bailey is small enough for you to cuddle during them. Can't do that with Dakota. I did here on The Today Show NOT to pet them during the fireworks...I thought that was interesting. I don't have a thundershirt but lots of pet parents swear by them. Hoping you have a happy, safe and at least relatively quiet 4th!! DakotasDen

  3. I understand, poor baby. When I had doggies, it was the same way, here they have been going off for a couple of days, the kitties do not like them either.

  4. Oh gurl! Sorry abouts all the big boomers!!! They don't bother me, butts I hear that the TV thing (turning it up real loud) helps, and if you have AC, keeping that on helps with the white noise. Maybe some fans too. it's not really hot here tonight, butts Ma is keeping the windows closed and the AC on just so I don't start barking at the loud ones.
    Sendin' quiet thoughts....
    Ruby ♥