Friday, September 11, 2015

perfect is overrated

once upon a time, bailey knew how to sit up and beg like a pro, as you can see in this picture from 2011. look at that form. perfect.
then she had her accident and lost her balance. but...

we are working on that. she still has to hold on for balance and hubby needs to keep his hand on her backside for added support but that's ok. rome wasn't built in a day. i'm not sure if she'll ever regain her perfect balance but, well, i think perfect is overrated anyway.

aoife saw that we were giving treats just for sitting up, and being the show off that she is, she had to come and show bailey how it's done. yes aoife, i know you know how to sit up and beg. good girl.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. you know sweet little Bailey - you are jut perfect no matter what :)

  2. She will get it again. No matter what, she is still a miracle!

  3. Oh what a sweetie she is. She is doing just wonderful, the progress has been amazing after all she had to endure.