Friday, June 12, 2015

official product tester

bailey is the certified product tester and official model for kibbles place. this sling is an item i am thinking of carrying, but before i commit to it, bailey has to give it her thumbs up approval. i have been looking for a comfortable carrier that was truly made for a tiny dog like bailey. there are a few "small dog" carriers out there, but they are still too deep for the tiny breed dogs.

this one comes in two sizes: small/medium & medium/large and both can hold up to 18 lbs. (the different sizes depend more on the human's size rather than the dog.) so far we are liking it. because it's worn across the body, rather than on the shoulder, it distributes the weight, making it comfortable to wear. the fact that bailey hasn't tried to wriggly out of it, tells me that it is also comfortable to be carried in.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. That's a fun way to be near your peeps all days long! ;)

  2. LOL! Mom would like one for me, but it would need to hold 40 lbs. I bet she will never find one!

  3. we have seen a few people wearing these lately with their pups in them