Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{52 snapshots of life} #earth

why is bailey standing on a rock for our snapshot of life this week? because, my friends, hubby and i unearthed this monster from our backyard. we were digging a hole to plant an orange tree and found this boulder buried in the ground, right where we were going to put the tree. it had to come out if the tree was going to go in. it took hours and hours to unearth it, but we did it. well it was mostly hubby but i did assist as much as i could.

this is the tree we planted. of course it was half this size when we planted it. it's been growing here for almost 8 years. it is also the tree the mockingbirds have chosen to make their nest in.

hey, wanna see behind the scenes of what's got bailey attention?

here you have it. hubby is tempting her with a yummy treat. BOL

thanks to the lazy pitbull for hosting 52 snapshots of life blog hop.
17 weeks down, 35 to go!

until we meet again my friends-


  1. I love it! That rock would cost a fortune Bailey
    Lily & Edward

  2. Bailey you look so cute up on that huge rock.

  3. Beautiful tree and it would make a nice home for birds :) And the rock~~I love it, what a great find and we can see that lil Bailey likes it too!

  4. So sweet - that's quite the boulder!