Monday, March 31, 2014

thank goodness for the digital age

for every shot that i keep of bailey, there are probably half a dozen that i delete. whether she's in motion, moves out of frame or i just don't like the shot, more end up deleted than in bailey's picture file.

exhibit A

exhibit B

thank goodness we can just push delete and *poof* it's gone, and we are left with just the silly faces...

the peeking faces...

the happy faces...

and the curious faces.

how about y'all. do you delete more than you keep?

thanks to alfie's blog, my brown newfies & snoopy's dog blog for hosting monday mischief blog hop.
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until we meet again my friends-


  1. Sometimes mom uses the less good pictures anyway, because it gives the sensation of movement. Just like your first picture. She like it.

  2. Hi Y'all!

    My Human saves almost everything. She only deletes what ends up being a blurred picture that didn't even catch my tail! BOL! It happens!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  3. I always say, film is cheap, I can take as many shots as I need to.

  4. Each picture is better than the next
    Lily & Edward

  5. Very cute! You know spring is here when you've got tulips!
    For every decent picture, there are 10 more that don't make the grade for us - thankful for the digital age of photography for sure!

  6. Think how many flashcubes you would have wasted!

  7. Love those tulip pictures! I definitely delete tons of Sadie photos. Usually it's around 20 that I have to delete for every one I keep.

  8. Half a dozen? Oh, I'd say I take about 40 for every one I even slightly like. I have tens of thousands of outtakes--just to get that one good shot.

    --Woofs (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  9. Hi! So nice to connect with Bailey again! I used to follow you from my older blog Raising Rama, but it has now grown to Walks With Rama. :-) Good to meet you again!

  10. Oh and yes, I delete SO many pictures. I take several hundred at a pop, and I get maybe 20 or so that I really love, lol.

  11. Don't know which is sweeter, the tulips or Bailey, ok, I will say it's even. Both are sweet and beautiful.

  12. Oh yes I take a lot of pics at a time and delete a bunch but I also keep way to many because I think they are all cute. All your tulip pictures with Bailey are very pretty.

  13. Oooooh... the peeking through the tulips! Love it! (And I have lots, and lots of photos of the other sort)