Tuesday, February 18, 2014

product review: fromm grain free treats

"chewy.com sent me a package!"

"can i taste one?"

"mmm, they smell yummy!"

as you can see, she was interested in them straight away. each treat measures a good 1" in diameter and are about 1/2" thick, so for my tiny bailey, i had to break them up quite a bit. [i'm sure they wouldn't be a problem for an average size dog.] surprisingly my little piggy she ate the entire cookie!

grain-free oven baked chicken with carrots and peas recipe

* * *
i chose to review the fromm cookies for several reasons:
1) made in wisconsin, usa
this is very important to me and the economy of our country. all ingredients are also sourced in the usa.
2) grain-free
dogs are carnivores, not herbivores, 'nuff said.
3) every ingredient is real food
there was nothing on the ingredient list that i couldn't pronounce (see for yourself) the ingredient list starts with chicken and ends with spinach.
4) family owned and operated company since 1904
when given the choice of supporting a family owned business or a giant corporation, i will always choose the family owned company.
* * *

bailey definitely gives this cookie two paws up. she's not really a cookie monster, so for her to eat the whole thing, that's saying a lot. plus i can feel good about giving it to her.

disclosure: chewy.com provided bailey with the package of treats for our honest opinion of the product. the opinion stated in this review was written by me and was not copy supplied by fromm or chewy.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Oh, I love Fromm's treats too! They are delicious and healthy treats.

  2. I reviewed these last month, they were good and we love chewy.com

  3. How delicious, we see a lot of these Mr Chewy reviews.
    Dip and Elliot x

  4. I aplaude you for supporting a home grown enterprise as well as caring so much about Bailey's healthy diet,she is, after all, family. Now you know why your Mommy always wanted you to care about what you ate. It's what all good mommies do

  5. Mr. Chewy gets a paws up for our dogs :))
    Oh Bailey you are always such a cutie !