Monday, September 30, 2013

rescue me, maybe

a couple of weeks ago jackie over at pooch smooches was giving away a couple of copies of the novel she just published and guess what? i won one! when it arrived my little bailey was up to her mischievous self and wouldn't let me open my box.

"haha, i'm standing on your box!"

silly bailey, you only weigh 4#. it's not that big a deal to move you. BOL then she had to look in before i could even take a peek.

"jackie bouchard? hey mommy, isn't that rita's mom?"

next, aoife came along to see what the commotion was about! um, excuse me girls, the package was addressed to ME.

"look mommy, you got a book!"

thanks for the news flash bailey. can i have it now?
i took it on my trip to new york this weekend and i already read 1/2 the book! i am so curious as to what will happen next that i will probably finish it today. the woman sitting next to me on the plane happened to be a dog person and we started chatting when she saw what i was reading. so it's not only a good read, it can also make you a new friend!

thank you so much jackie and congratulations again, on your book!

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until we meet again my friends-


  1. Congrats on winning your book and glad Bailey and Aoife finally let you have it! Honestly, it is just the same at our house, I get something from Amazon or somewhere and everyone thinks it is for them - especially a certain fox-like chihuahua who is pressie mad!
    Lynne x

  2. Glad you finally let your mom have the book Bailey!

  3. You know we must check out ALL mail before we let you have it. Safty first you know.

  4. Is there a book review coming soon?

  5. That is great that you won! Congratulations!

  6. We arrived in Utah yesterday, where all our packages come, and our copy of the book was here waiting. So excited to start reading it.

  7. Woohoo! It's a good book! I Hate the mother-in-law, though.

  8. Congrats on winning the book! I think little Bailey and Aoife just wanted to make sure the package was safe before allowing you to have it. :)

  9. Congratulations on winning the book. The photos are cute too!

  10. Looks like a good one Bailey
    Benny & Lily

  11. It's always nice to find out about a new book to read. Congrats on winning one.

  12. I totally missed this until now! I'm so glad it arrived. The pics of Bailey with it are so cute! (Rita does the same when we get mail - thinks it's all for her!) Hope you are still enjoying it! :)