Tuesday, August 13, 2013

scoop that poop

there seems to be some question as to who is responsible for picking up dog poop. the answer is simple. if your dog did it, then the responsible party would be you! it doesn't matter if your dog pooped at the park, in the mountains, or on the beach, if your dog did the poop, then you pick it up.

forget that it's bad for the environment, forget that it's a health hazard, forget that it pollutes the water, it's just bad manners to leave it. you "forgot" to bring a bag with you? that's a lousy excuse. if you are going to walk your dog, she's probably gonna poop, so when you grab the leash, grab a bag. it's that simple. now say it with me: grab the leash, grab a bag. very good.

there are lots and lots of poopy bags on the market and just as many carriers for the bags. attach one to your leash and it'll always be there. no excuses.

this is the one i have on bailey's leash

(available at kibbles place)

i am not going to show you bailey pooping, or me cleaning it up, but i will share a picture of bailey being totally spoiled :)

this post was supposed to be part of sugar's scoop that poop blog hop, but i missed the deadline. oh well, better late than never.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Good job on picking up after Bailey!

    Bailey looks so sweet - did she fall asleep during a belly rub? Cute!

  2. Mom and I often discuss who is the boss because she really works for me...I figure I am the true boss around here! Cute bag thingy!