Wednesday, August 28, 2013

portland trip, part 3

wordless wednesday? ya, i don't think so. BOL

may i present giant paul bunyan. he stands 31 feet tall and is listed in the national register of historic places.

another coffee shop we stopped in at was stumptown coffee roasters. if you are interested, i have written about this shop at coffeemeister, my coffee blog.

= checking in on foursquare =

we ended the day at bailey's taproom. i'm not a beer drinker at all, but since portland is known as "beervana" and well, with a name like "bailey's" how could we resist?

interesting place. they have 20 beers on tap and you just tell the beertender which number you want.

wait, let's take a closer look at the beer board, shall we? oh look, coffeedog is there! they have a realtime foursquare ticker running on the board so when you check-in, you appear on their ticker.

if you know what you want, of course you can order a glass of that, but if you are unsure, like we were, they offer a sample tray. you choose 5 beers from the board and they serve them in cute little 4 oz glasses.

my favorite of the beers i sampled, was called 'widmer brothers marionberry hibiscus gose'. i'm gonna see if i can find that down here where i live.

water on tap. would that make it tap water? BOL i'll be here all week.

not really sure what this guy is, but he's made outta rebar and scrap metal.

mini bailey had a busy, busy day and is ready for bed!

random picture:
i saw this fire hydrant on the street corner and just had to take it's picture because of the attached sign. FIRE USE ONLY um, why does it need the sign? does the city think people will open it up to shower in?

to be continued ...

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until we meet again my friends-


  1. This looks like an awesome pub! I've heard Portland is a cool town. Around here they call those samplers "flights" and some restaurants offer them for wine too.
    Cute idea using "mini-bailey"

  2. What cool places. I would like a wine bar like that instead of beer.

  3. You are a mini mini mini me next to that Bunyan
    Benny & Lily

  4. Okay, sorry, but that Paul Bunyan has to be a fake! He is huge here in Minnesota, we even have parks named after him and his blue ox, Babe. That dude belongs in my state :) Nevertheless, still looks nice there in Portland.

  5. Wow, that Paul Bunyan statue is huge. That looks like a beer lover's dream place - bet my hubby would love to try it - not that he's an alcoholic or anything, LOL.
    Mini Bailey is having a wonderful holiday with you.
    Lynne x

  6. Way cool! I've never used Foursquare - have to try it out.

    I love the Bunyan statue. :)

  7. Wow - faux Bailey is brave to stand so closely to Paul Bunyan! He's huge!

    At least the fire hydrant didn't indicate that dogs weren't allowed to relieve themselves on it - so maybe it's just the fire hydrant showerers they have to worry about there! ;)

  8. Love the pics of Portland and WHOA! That is one helluva tap! Beer drinkers delight right there! Hmm do you think people may possible open that hydrant for not only showering but drinking water? Very odd indeed!

  9. Hi!! I created another Blog today--just for diverse Writing Projects!!--check it out at this address, if you would like!! ;) .
    PS. You saw Paul Bunyon?! Cool!! I saw him as well during my trip to Portland, Oregon!! What a statue, huh? Have you been to Powell's City of Books, yet? I know, I know. I am, a pain in the ass!! ;op

  10. Hope you're having fun in Oregon! We drove by the Paul Bunyan statue, but didn't stop to take photos. It's so cute that you brought your Mini-Me with you.

  11. What a fun day - ! Thanks for sharing.