Tuesday, November 20, 2012

making new friends

bailey has been doing very well at the dog park. she likes sniffing all the scents and snooping around and just stays to herself for the most part. she is happy to meet and greet anydog that comes up to her and politely asks for a sniff, like the guy in this picture. but she will not tolerate when they come charging at her with absolutely no manners. she will speak up and put them in their place. she tells them "that is no way to greet a lady".

aoife on the other hand needs a little more work. she is a little on the nervous side. she gets possessive of us and doesn't like anydog coming near. does anyone have any suggestions on helping eef to relax?

until we meet again my friends-


  1. I get a little jealous if others dogs want my MOM's attention to. It's not to bad, but still.

  2. Oh yes, Finn comes over to me if I start petting another dog. I usually walk around and circulate so that Finn and other dogs can come walk with me and play with me if they want (Cause I noticed that most peeps go to the dog park and just sit down and don't move around).

    1. oh we never sit down, that makes things worse. if we sit, aoife wants lap, then she really gets protective and things can get ugly very fast. i think we get as much exercise as the dogs on park day! BOL

  3. We din't blame you. Charging dogs are not to much fun
    Benny & Lily

  4. Charging dogs are just rude. But maybe if you could get some peeps to give her treats as they approach, she would learn that strangers are a good thing! Let us know how it goes! :)