Monday, May 4, 2020

subcutaneous fluids & antibiotics

when we went to the vet on friday, they sent us home with a couple of antibiotics (to be given over the weekend) and a bag of fluids (to be given till the bag is empty). we gave the antibiotics with no problem, and by "we" i mean hubby, but we had major problems with the fluids. i don't think we are equipped to do that one. saturday half way through the administration, bailey moved and the needle came out of her scruff so "we" had to reinsert it. ugh. sunday was worse. i got jabbed with the needle and the bag started leaking. it was one mishap after another. nope, we can't do this. we're going back today for another treatment, so i'll tell them this is way out of our ability and comfort level.

also during our visit to the vet, i told doc what a terror she is on the drive home. (he said it's a reaction to the treatments.) she's out of control and it's dangerous to drive home with her in that state. i've tried her car seat and i've tried putting her in her little carrier. neither worked. he said he would give her an additional tranquilizer to keep her calm until we got home. the next picture is of her with the sedative. i hate doping her up but i can't drive with her like that.
other than our fluid problems, we had a great weekend. bailey ate well and her energy level was back to normal. woohoo :)

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until we meet again my friends, stay safe-


  1. Poor baby. She's going though so much. I hear you about the comfort level with treating Bailey yourselves. Hubby gave our Little Bit two allergy shots each month. He was very good at it, but the vet said if you're not then they would do the shots. Glad hubby could do it.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Extra lovies to Miss Bailey. ♥

  2. Sending purrs and prayers your way.

  3. So sorry to hear how she is during your drive home, did not know that. Sweet little Bailey, hope you are feeling better and pick up just a bit more, we don't like to see you sick. Prayers.

  4. how about you get Bailey a secure dog crate to use while traveling in the car. That might be better than tranquilizing her?

  5. Poor B. Yikes! I think you were very brave to even try it with the fluids. That is scary. An extra tranquilizer looks like just the thing to get home safely.

  6. Oh boy. Yeah, that would fill Ma with the jitters. She was good with all the suture stuffs, butts yeah, that might be out of her wheelhouse too. Oh, and while we all would like not to be sedated, sometimes it's best. Sendin' lots of POTP and continued healin' vibes my furiend! and lots of margaritas for your peeps ☺
    Ruby ♥