Tuesday, November 13, 2018

off to see the vet

bailey had a series of seizures thursday and was very lethargic. then on friday morning she woke up with an eye infection. so friday afternoon we were off to see the vet.

the antibiotic dr w gave us started to work pretty quickly. the picture below was taken saturday, and as you can see, her eye was better but not quite back to normal. sunday she was just about good as new and i was able to get some good pictures for yesterday’s post.

as for her seizures, dr w switched her medication and also drastically changed her diet. he said no more meat because it could trigger a seizure. this is going to be really hard for her because she absolutely loves when i top her dinner with bits of beef. she can’t have any more chicken either but eggs are ok. yesterday i went to our local pet shop looking for some vegetarian options and found some kibble by natural balance and a canned food by evanger’s. bailey, didn’t really care for the evenger’s but we’ll see if she can grow to like it? i didn’t open the kibble yet but we'll give it a try today. are any of your fur babies on a no-meat diet? do you have any recommendations for us?

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Oh, poor baby! Everything piled on at once :( Glad she is recovering. Afraid I don't have any food advice...

  2. Look on the Internet for reviews. I am glad Bailey is doing better.

  3. Hope your eye is all better soon, B. How about some cheese for a kibble topper?

    Love and licks,

  4. I was going to suggest cheese but see someone already has. Also the internet has lots of info on so many different topics, hopefully you will find something. Feel better soon sweet Bailey.