Thursday, May 10, 2018

new life discovered

a few days ago, as i was watering my garden, i saw a little sparrow fall out of our tree. i know we have a mockingbird nest in our orange tree but i didn’t know we had a sparrow nest as well! i’ve been watching her try to fly for the past few days. she’s getting better but hasn’t quite mastered it yet. i put seed out for her but she didn’t know how to eat it. she’s still being fed by mommy. as mommy comes and goes, i got these few pics. they were taken through a screened window, so please excuse the lack of sharpness.

we had a pretty hot day and i noticed she was “panting", so i offered her a shower and she gladly accepted.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. How precious! Thanks for watching out for the sweet baby :)

  2. That's so sweet! Your yard is a good safe home for the sparrows. We had 3 baby cardinals hatch in a nest at our window. But I think the parents are inexperienced - their nest was on a slant and totally visible from above. Something got 2 of the babies, then the third disappeared the next day. I looked under the nest to see if they fell out but couldn't find anything :( I hope the parents try again with a better-located nest.

  3. Ooooooooo! What a FABulous discovery! We got a nest in one of our burd houses, butts I thinks they have flown the coop nows. No hummers within eyesight, butts I hear them in the trees, so I thinks they built their nest on higher 'ground' this year! I am sure that little one really appreciated the bath! silly burd...☺
    Ruby ♥

  4. how very sweet of you to care of God'slittle creatures

  5. The water was perfect on a hot day. Hope baby bird is safe.