Monday, October 2, 2017

broncos fans

i'm not sure if bailey is wearing the bow or the bow is wearing bailey! BOL

broncos fan

oh, and look who's here. bee! with daughter #2 planning her wedding, they will be making more frequent visits to CA.

bee's daddy is a raiders fan, but bailey cheers for the broncos, so when the broncos played (and beat) the raiders yesterday, bee was torn as to whether to be happy or sad. she was ever the diplomat and let out a neutral howl.

broncos fan

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Cute bow Bailey, you should wear them more often. As for Bee, that's funny. You are a darling little girl.

  2. ADORABLE! Nows, you knows I am a Niner fan, butts they SUCK so bad, it hurts Ma to watch, so maybe the Broncos...Ma will have to thinks about it. She looooooves Alex Smith the QB on the Chiefs, so they are currently her second choice, butts I'll have a talk with her ☺ (the TRAITORS are out, since they are leaving Oakland....pffffft!!!!!!)
    Ruby ♥