Wednesday, July 5, 2017

panic free 4th of july

yesterday went exactly according to plan. we took bailey out for a long leisure stroll and she got totally pooped. when we got home, i gave her another bath. i know i just gave her one but she's been really itchy lately so i gave her another. i made her favorite dinner (ground sirloin) and with a full tummy she went right to sleep. all of our planning payed off and we had a panic free 4th.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. YAY!!! Ours wasn't quite as smooth lol. We DID provide Dakota with some treats/distractions (and a LOUD TV) during the fireworks, they helped somewhat. Thankfully, the idiots seemed to have stopped setting them off MUCH earlier this year! Glad yours went super well! DakotasDen

  2. How wonderful. Now you can do the same for next year and for New Year's Eve. They had a couple that even scared me I can only imagine our poor fur babies.

  3. WoooHooo! OMD, we had lots of morons that were setting them off this year! Ma started gettin' annoyed cause the BIG booms made me bark at em', right when I was tryin' to snooze! So rude!
    Maybe if Ma had made ME sirloin....
    Ruby ♥

  4. PAWfect!!!
    Ours was super quiet - so grateful.

  5. My two seniors can't hear fireworks, but Pugs was not a fan. He wasn't panicked so much as VERY annoyed. Luckily the AC was on so the windows were closed, and with some fans going on high to drown out the sound he mostly did okay!