Monday, May 2, 2016

rocky mountain high

hubby went to colorado, to see family, and sent back these pictures.

bailey missed her daddy terribly, but after seeing these pictures, she was glad that we stayed home in sunny southern california. BOL

but wait... he was with another dog?!?
this is gizmo. (yep, another chihuahua!) hubby's sister rescued him, just over a month ago, during a denver snowstorm! props to hubby's sis.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Gizmo's a great name and so cute. Ugh to snow. KB Bear's photos make it seem beautiful, but I'm with you. Warm weather beats snow every time!

  2. Ho there Gizmo, you better stay right where you are
    Lily & Edward

  3. Snow? No thanks, let's stay right here in sunny CA. Gizmo is so cute, what a nice sister to have rescued this precious little baby. Does that make Gizmo a cousin to Bailey?

  4. no snow - we agree - much nicer to have sunshine and we are glad Gizmo has a new home

  5. As Dorothy Gale said "There's no place like home" So Cal in this case