Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{52 snapshots of life} #veteran

can you believe this is week 46 of the 52 snapshots of life blog hop? where has the year gone?

respect to all our vets that have fought in our many wars, but especially to my pop. he is a veteran of the korean war and served aboard the uss valley forge. go navy!

he's strong to the finish, cuz he eats his spinach,
he's my pop the sailor man

earlier this year he gave me his dog tags and someday i will pass them on to my daughters. but for now, bailey seems to be quite interested in them.

"why are they called dog tags if they are for people?"


until we meet again my friends-


  1. What a nice tribute! Love your sweater!!

  2. What a sweet post Bailey! Mom has dog tags too, I think they're called that because they wear them around your neck like a dog does? Love Dolly

  3. It's so nice you have that wonderful picture of your father. Many thanks to him and all vets that have served and protected all of us.

  4. That was the perfect way to celebrate this snap shot - our Dad is a veteran too and we know how special they all are :)

  5. What a nice tribute Bailey
    Lily & Edward

  6. Love this great post! Bailey you look so adorable in your sweater, love the first picture of you. Yes, Go Navy!!!

  7. I'm sure Bailey will take very good care of your dad's dog tags until it's time to give them to your daughters.

  8. That last photo is priceless. It's captured the essence of it all.

  9. OMD, loves this postie! Ma's Gpa was a Navy Man too! She now has all the old pics of him when he and Gma were stationed on Guam. They are so cool.
    GO NAVY!
    Ruby ♥