Friday, April 24, 2015

fun in the sun

if you can believe the weather reports, our temps are supposed to reach 90°+ in the next few days.

"i'm ready for some sun!"

but a few days ago they were forecasting rain, so who knows. it's been cold and windy but not wet.

"where is the sun?"

bailey is tired of gloomy days and is ready for some fun in the sun.

"mr sun, please come back!"

until we meet again my friends, aloha-


  1. Sun is good, 90s? Not so much! Keep cool!

  2. I am ready for some hot days too!

  3. Well Bailey, we are a little NORTH of you and so far this week we had mid 70s followed by WIND followed by lower mid 60s followed by low clouds (fog) and wind. . . tomorrow is supposed to start with rain and end early in the morninf followed by a warm up to the mid 80s and MORE RAIN! This is crazy!!!!
    Love Noodles

  4. You might be off on a Hawaiian trip ;)

  5. With that pretty outfit, you're bound to coax that sun to come out of hiding!

  6. I love that bright shirt!!. I wish I had one! Love, LadyBird

  7. Oh, I thinks you're gonna gets your sun real soon Bailey!!! Next week is gonna be FABulous!!
    Ruby ♥