Tuesday, December 16, 2014

the road to recovery

yesterday we had another vet follow-up visit. the most amazing thing doc told us was that with the kind of injury bailey had sustained, "she shouldn't even be standing." can you believe that?!? doc was amazed at her progress and even called one of his nurses in so she could see how far bailey has come. it was only 4 weeks ago that she was in the icu in critical condition.

on the road to recovery

doc kept congratulating us on her progress but really, i should be congratulating him. he made the correct diagnosis. if i had left her at the emergency hospital, we are convinced she would have died there. dr w said they were treating her for a broken neck when they should have been more concerned with her head trauma and broken skull!

that face

her weight is picking back up. last visit she was 3# and today she weighed in at 3.8#. he recommended that we buy some folic acid and give her 0.4 mg twice a day (i think that was to help repair tissue damage?) and to continue with the anti-inflammatory tabs. he said the strength in her legs should come back and her bobble head should also clear up. they just need time.
next appointment: two weeks.

until we meet again my friends {{{hugs}}} -


  1. You're doing great, Bailey! Glad you have a wonderful DOGter and great PAWrents to take such good care of you!

  2. So glad to learn the news of her progress. Prayers will continue for complete healing.

  3. You go girl! We Frenchies got your back. I take nuerontin to repair my nerves
    Lily (& Edward)

  4. Great news! Always go with your gut feelings. ER clinics are a great thing, but they are not your own vet. So happy she is doing so well. Keep pawing forward!

  5. Yay, Bailey! It's great that you have such a good doctor.

  6. What fabulous news. Go Bailey, you a brave girlie. A great big hug and cuddles from us
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  7. this news is the best holiday gift ever!!! xoxo

  8. So great to hear such good news!

  9. That is wonderful news, so glad to hear it. She really is a little miracle!
    Lynne x

  10. that is excellent news - and yes - it has been only 4 weeks so it is only normal some lingering issues may be there. She is doing amazingly though and that is the main thing

  11. Fantastic News.
    It's the power of the paw, I tell ya.
    Love Noodles

  12. Pawsome news! Thank goodness you made the right choice in moving Bailey to your Vet's office.

    Keep up the great work & healing Bailey.

    Lily Belle & Muffin