Tuesday, September 2, 2014

diy clothesline (supervised by bailey)

turning a house into a home is all in the details, inside and out. for example, our home does not have a clothesline, like my childhood home did. my yard is long and narrow so installing a typical clothesline would take yard space that i cannot spare. i started looking online for an idea that we could adapt to our yard and our style. this is what we ended up doing.

materials used:
- bicycle wheel
- nipple
- bushing
- coupling
- galvanized pipe
- umbrella base

the only real work was finding the right size nipple to fit into the wheel. from there it was just a matter of screwing the bushing, the coupling & the pipe together!

pop the pipe into your umbrella base and voila! instant clothesline.
since it's in an umbrella base, it's portable and you can move it to wherever the sun happens to be shining.

and there you have it. ok, so it's not big enough hold a quilt or bed sheets, but it will hold dish towels, unmentionables or as in our case, bailey's freshly laundered clothes. BOL

it's fun, quirky and a conversation piece all rolled up into one. i didn't lose yard space and i still got my clothesline. plus we saved an old bicycle wheel from ending up in the landfill. it's a win, win!
bailey gives this project her two paws up seal of approval.

until we meet again my friends-