Thursday, March 7, 2013

rubber duckie

bath day for bailey is fun with giant rubber duckie by her side. haha, not really, but it sounds good right? i bathe bailey in the sink and the duckie would take up all the room. where do you bathe your pup?

her bath was so relaxing, it knocked her right out.
sweet dreams little bailey.

rubber duckie, you're the one-
you make bathtime lots of fun-
rubber duckie, i'm awfully fond of you.

until we meet again my friends-


  1. Awww, Bailey looks so cute in her bath robe. I don't have a robe nor a rubber duckie for my bath time. Not fair!

  2. Bailey's bath time looks like fun with a ducky. MOM just bathes me in the bath tub. I do not like the hose outside, but the tub is OK... for the most part. But it would be better if I could have some toys with me.

  3. Bailey you are so cute. Daisy takes her bath in the bathtub but when she was a puppy she was small enough to fit the sink but grew into the tub. Scooby is really afraid of the bath tub so he gets his bath in the back yard. Love your rubber ducky. Scooby has one too.

  4. Kelsey usually has her baths in the sink, although we sometimes go for the tub. I absolutely love that cute robe on Bailey!

  5. LOVE the robe! The rubber ducky is Bailey sized too! GREAT pix!!!